MaxiLINK Key Features

• IP68

• Data over power - 2 core cable

• Compact design

• 48VAC

• Up to 574ft (175m) run from a single power source

What is MaxiLINK?

MaxiLINK is a device designed by MaxiLED lighting to combine data over power allowing DMX Data to be sent down the same line as the power. This eliminated the need for an additional data cable to be intalled. This results in HUGE saving in installations and drastically lowers the chances of connection and water ingress issues.
MaxiLED Lighting are simplfying installions, cutting materials used and most importantly, reducing total installation times.

Series wiring


DMX wiring


MaxiLED wiring

Below shows 3 seperate wiring techniques.
Each list the total cable lengths needed and the number of connections made.

Series wiring Series Wiring

350 Metre Cable length

16 Connections

6 Day installation time

DMX wiring DMX Wiring

260 Metre Cable length

11 Connections

5 Day installation time

MaxiLED wiring MaxiLED wiring

120 Metre Cable length

2 Connections

3 Day installation time